Data Analysis

Mathshop have developed a number of bespoke algorithms for the analysis and assessment of data. Primarily deployed as analysis tools, they have also been embedded in automated instruments.

PCR Analysis

PCR Analysis

Mathshop have developed a number of algorithms for the analysis of data captured by diagnostic instruments.

Two examples are the the automatic analysis of data derived from multiple flow cytometry samples, and of real-time PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) results.


GIS & Statistics

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) tools are often used to present and analyse statistical data.

Mathshop has recent experience of using ESRI's ArcGIS system to provide the geographic context within a bespoke analysis system.

Large data sets

Large Data Sets

Mathshop have significant experience of analysing and manipulating large data sets.

This includes the extraction of data from imagery, the measurement of key features in raster images and the automatic enhancement of digital maps.

If you have a project you believe Mathshop could help you with, please contact us — we will be happy to discuss your requirements.