Data Capture and Instrumentation Control

Mathshop have extensive engineering and software development experience in the testing of, amongst others, gas turbines, aircraft, weapons systems, biological characteristics and human factors. Consequently we can develop well-tailored test tools for the rapid recording and analysis of many parameters over extended periods.

General Service Respirator

General Service Respirator

Mathshop has extensive experience of developing software for controlling and analysing tests, including some used in respirator testing by Dstl.

Consequently, the UK MoD, when developing the new General Service Respirator (GSR), commissioned Mathshop to provide the software that will be used to test the fit of every respirator issued.

RF Instrumentation

RF Instrumentation

RF signals are recorded and analysed for a wide variety of purposes, from the measurement of semiconductor properties to radiation safety tests.

Mathshop have been involved in a number of projects requiring the automatic configuration and control of RF instruments for the assessment of performance and safety margins.

Driving Performance simulator

Driving Performance

A simulator-based test of driving performance was developed in conjunction with DSTL.

The software measures perceptual-motor and decision-making functions shown to be involved in driving and to be affected by drugs, presenting the results in a rapidly assimilated graphical view.

If you have a project you believe Mathshop could help you with, please contact us — we will be happy to discuss your requirements.