Data Visualisation

Clear visualisation is essential to the interpretation and analysis of data. Our considerable visual presentation expertise gives our customers the fullest possible understanding of their data.

Mapping Contours


Mathshop's 3D contour presentation software produces high quality results for data analysis and mapping.

Designed for intensive use in a production test environment, it is currently used for the analysis of wind-tunnel data by leading F1 and NASCAR racing teams.

Video and 2D Graphics

Video & 2D Graphics

Mathshop have developed software for synchronised viewing of test data and associated video.

With the live graphics cursor driving the video display and vice-versa, significant test events can be quickly located and analysed.



Mathshop were commissioned to develop the Wotan CGM viewer, to be marketed to the oil industry.

Noted for its speed and quality, the resulting product found use in several major oil companies.

If you have a project you believe Mathshop could help you with, please contact us — we will be happy to discuss your requirements.