Experience in Leading Edge Technologies

We have delivered software applications that incorporate an extensive range of leading edge technologies and in wide variety of fields.

These are just some of the technologies and fields that we have worked in over the past 35 years.

  • Monte Carlo Simulations
  • Ballistics Analysis and Modelling
  • Vehicle Suspension Kinematics
  • Aerodynamics Analysis and Modelling
  • 3-D Surface Contouring with Extrapolation
  • Automated Cartography and GIS Analysis
  • Aircraft Gas Turbine and Weapons Performance
  • Trials Design and Analysis
  • Respirator fit-test software and man-portable respirator test system
  • Digital stereo photogrammetry and multi-camera triangulation
  • RF Safety Analysis and Modelling
  • Pressure System Design and Modelling
  • Sales trend forecasting or extrapolation
  • Constrained network optimal selection
  • Fragmentation trial analysis
  • Automated analysis of very rapid impact events
  • Gas-dynamic muzzle brake thrust calculation and recoil system modelling
  • Gun-barrel bend due to differential heating and cooling
  • Proof test sampling plan selection and analysis
  • Below ground LPG self pressurised off-take
  • High altitude balloon performance
  • Muzzle blast over-pressure on nearby surface
  • Complete engine internal cooling network model
  • Gas-turbine cycle calculations
  • Actuator/damper flow network performance model
  • Ground survey software and charting
  • Optics ray-tracing
  • Original calling algorithm for DNA testing instrument
  • Original algorithm for automated blood cytology analysis
  • Scanned chart digitisation, etc.
  • Instrument control and data logging and analysis for various RF trials
  • Instrument control and long-term data logging and analysis for trials utilising ECG monitors
  • Non 2n FFT analysis of electro pulse trial data
  • CAD system automation and graphics driver
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