Making the Complex Accessible

Mathshop are specialists in mathemetical modelling and engineering software, with expertise in instrument control, data extraction and visualisation.

Our products have been used in a variety of sectors including government, industry and sport for over 25 years.

Suspension modelling

Modelling and Simulation

Mathshop produce high fidelity mathematical models for a wide range of applications, from Formula One suspension analysis to internal ballistics.

General Service Respirator testing

Data Capture

Our wide experience of data capture and instrument control allows us to provide clients with the very best in real-time and long-term data capture and logging software.

Medical data segregation

Data Analysis

Our high-performance bespoke algorithms enable our customers to create leading-edge instruments.

Wind-tunnel contour presentation


25 years of data presentation experience means our software provides users with the clearest possible view of their data.

If you have a project you believe Mathshop could help you with, please get in touch we will be happy to discuss your requirements.